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Lloyd Cannon

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[ This article was excerpted from the book "Progressive Men of the State of Montana"]


Lloyd Cannon:


Lloyd Cannon, one of the prosperous miners of Broadwater county, was born at Lovington,Moultrie county, 111., on December 14, 1861, the son of W. H. and Jane (Williams') Cannon, natives of Delaware and Ohio. They were married in Lovington, 111., where W. H. Cannon was a carpenter and builder. In their family were six sonsand one daughter.  W. H. Cannon was the son of Stephen Cannon, a native of Delaware, who married a Miss Wright, of Maryland. His father was nominated for governor of Delaware, but died the day before the election.

In 1877 he removed to Buffalo, Kan., still followed his former business and also purchased farms, which he worked for him. The maternal grandfather of Lloyd Cannon was John Williams, a native of Ohio. He married a Miss Hopkins, whose father took active part in the Revolution, and served at Fort Du Quesne, now Pittsburg, Pa. The paternal grandfather, Stephen Cannon, was a judge for many years in Illinois, and in 1876, at the age of seventy years, he was elected to the legislature by his personal popularity, overcoming a normally victorious opposition.

Lloyd Cannon received his education in the public schools of Kansas, and removed to Montana in 1881. He located first at Glendale, Beaverhead county, where he profitably engaged in mining for five years, and then took charge of a smelter for Gasert & Reading, at Coke City. After this he removed to Wickes, and was employed at the smelting and reduction works for eighteen months, and then made a three-months unprofitable prospecting trip to the head of Wise river, near the Idaho line. He then located at Empire, in Lewis and Clarke county, and was employed as prospectorfor another year, where he began mining on his own account at Grand Butte, Lewis and Clarkecounty.

Here he wrought industriously and successfully for seven years, selling out at a good profit. Going to Winston he purchased the mine known as "Stolen Sweets," which he is still operating with good success.

On April 13, 1883, Mr. Cannon was married to Miss Mary Bell Hardesty, of Iowa, a daughter of James Hardesty, a native of Missouri. As a youngmanhe had come to Montana, settling at Bannack in 1864, and is now living at Colfax, Wash. Mrs. Cannon died on July 20, 1890, leaving one child, Gertrude, who resides with her grandfather at Colfax. Mr. Cannon's twin brother, Floyd, arrived in Glendale, Mont., in 1880, but after a short stay he was compelled to return on account of sickness.

In 1885, he returned and joined his brother. They have since kept together, and he is an equal owner with Lloyd in the mining property in Lewis andClarke county, which he superintends. Another brother, Jesse M., came to Montana in 1894, and he is an equal partner in the "Stolen Sweets" property. Jesse M. Cannon married Miss Julia Brannon.


Lloyd Cannon is a Democrat. He was elected in 1900 to the state legislature, and served with ability and distinction during his official career. He is a man of sterling character and sound business judgment, numbering a host of friends.