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Gianforte Remains Silent On Repeal of Rule that Benefits Independent Farms

Submitted by vsample on Wed, 2017-10-25 12:17

Last week, the Administration in Washington repealed a Department of Agriculture interim rule that was written to help level the playing field for family farms and ranches in Montana and across the country. However, as many elected officials who represent rural areas spoke out immediately and aggressively against the roll back of these protections, Congressman Greg Gianforte has remained silent, even days later.
The interim rule which was repealed last week would have allowed independent Montana farmers and ranchers to bring lawsuits against the largest agricorporations for unfair and deceptive practices, without also needing to prove that a corporation’s actions affected the entire industry. However, with the repeal of the interim rule commonly referred to as the “GIPSA”, local farmers will continue to be subject to the whims of unfair and deceptive practices by multinational corporations that often force independent farms and ranches into bankruptcy.



This article was originally posted on the Montana Democrats website. To read the full article click on Gianforte remains silent