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Facts and Myths about the Covid-19 Pandemic

Submitted by Paul Putz on Sun, 2020-08-23 13:12

There are a lot of Facts and Myths being published/whispered about the COVID19 pandemic.

For Instance: the Covid 19 related deaths are being inflated for political purposes.

This articles provides a links to Fact Checking on a number of myths:

An example is the first link which examines whether reported COVID numbers are being inflated to influence the election.

USA Today says:

Our ruling: False 

The United States is still getting a handle on how many people are dying of COVID-19. Recent changes in guidance by the CDC are meant to provide a more accurate representation of the count.

Experts say that COVID-19 deaths are likely not being overinflated. That list includes by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is leading the U.S. response to the coronavirus. 

Instead, many experts say the nation is likely amid an undercount of the death toll due to the disease due to factors like false negatives on tests, a lack of testing and people who have died in their homes without receiving a positive test. 

Click on the following links to read more Fact Checking articles:


And hre is a source of information on COVID in general which includes the above.